Reading College

Reading College is a further education college which has over 8,500 local learners on over 900 courses based in the heart of Reading.


Reading College felt that many of their prospective students couldn't see a clear path to employment based on the courses they were considering to study. They wanted a way to promote the College and the opportunities that were available to them.

What we did

Promoted through Social Media, we built an exciting and visually engaging app, that allowed students to enter a variety of interests they had, which in turn searched a database delivering courses the user could be interested in. This included potential careers available to graduates following completion of the course, showing the link between education and employment.

The career machine

The career machine was created as a visually engaging campaign to help students understand what courses are available to them based on their field of interest. It was important to keep the campaign simple, easy to interact with but more importantly providing the information needed for students to find out more about the recommended courses.

The Results

‘The Career Machine’, which was promoted organically and through paid activity, saw an 8% increase in student course enquiries after it was launched. The app was used nearly 3000 times during its 12 week campaign.

+8% student enquiries
3000 times used in 12 weeks