Pentax Ricoh

Pentax Ricoh is a leading supplier of recreational and professional imaging equipment offering a wide range of state of the art cameras.


Pentax Ricoh wanted to promote their K-30 via social media in an engaging nationwide campaign that would get their fans contributing to content and showcasing what can be achieved.

What we did

We built and developed a nationwide competition, promoted through Facebook. We ran an organic and paid for campaign to reach fans near and far with a competition based around what made Britain great. We developed the competition pages allowing users to enter, feeding via XML feed into a database for Pentax.

Photos submissions from Pentax fans

Fans captured their favourite moments and shared it with the social media community helping to raise the profile of Pentax Ricoh as well as their chances of winning a prize.

The Results

High levels of engagement and organic promotion created a viral impact, generating over 3000 entries within 6 weeks of social promotion. Paid for campaign reached a new audience for less than 10p per click with an average cost per entry/conversion of less than £1. Social listening showed an increase in brand sentiment and the overall Pentax page received an increase of 5000 fans.

3000 entries in 6 weeks
10p per click