Memory Map

Memory Map is a leading provider of powerful and affordable navigation software and accessories to the outdoor recreation and marine markets.

Launch project


With an existing ecommerce website that was not delivering the desired results, we were appointed to produce a revenue generating ecommerce site on the Magento platform.

What we did

Using Magento, we built a powerful ecommerce site that handles multiple currencies through in-built payment gateways. We manage the system to ensure continual improvements in the customer journey are made.

powerful magento Ecommerce platform

The site was built on a robust platform which has the ability to add and manage multiple sites from the back end. The site was also integrated with a helpdesk service to allow customers to discuss with the shop in real time and not to lose out on sales.

An eCommerce platform that can manage multiple sites and allows customers to chat in real time.

Memory Map Screenshots

The Results

The site has seen an overall increase in revenue of as much as 13%
The integration of the additional helpdesk into the site has contributed to the overall sales increase, while the ability to manage multiple sites through one platform has saved the client an average of 2 hours a week.

13% Growth