Bloomberg is a global provider of business, data, analysis and market news.


Bloomberg’s core challenge was that, while graduates had almost always heard of Bloomberg, few were sure what they do. Wave was tasked with showing students who Bloomberg really are and the careers available to them, while also positioning the brand as at the forefront of technology and innovation.

What we did

We created an integrated marketing campaign to attract graduates to the Bloomberg installation in 15 universities across the UK.

Part of this campaign was creating a digital strategy for pre, during and post campaign to ensure enough traction was created to drive students to the university installations and online to apply.

Pre-event promotion consisted of running a series of Facebook adverts targeting 30 different audiences based on location to raise awareness of Bloomberg coming to their university.

Social media campaign

30 different target audiences based on location to promote the campaign. A/B testing was completed to fine tune performance. We used ‘Dark Posts’ to maximise engagement from the audience.

This campaign generated 8780 click troughs at an average cost of £0.30 per click.

career hub and assessment tool App

Graduates could discover a career path that suited them with our Assessment Tool hub on iPads. Packed full of information, videos and a quick assessment of where they could work at Bloomberg.

We received more than 2000 registrants from this app.

interactive filmexperience / gamification

All touch points of the campaign drove graduates to the interactive Film Experience where they could take part, see how all the departments work together in a crisis situation and help solve various problems from each division within Bloomberg.

Our film experience was completed 1398 times.

The Results

Overall this campaign has generated just under 1300 applications during a 3 month campaign. The entire campaign has beens shortlisted for 2 TargetJobs Awards, and 2 CIPD awards recognising the quality and success of this campaign.

1300 applications