Mercedes Benz: #boring or #exciting ?

Can Mercedes Benz’ ‘ground breaking’ twitter commercial be viewed as a relative success? Asking viewers to decide the outcome of a ‘dramatic’ car chase advert over a weekend of prime time TV to some might be rather exciting. For others however, it was all really rather a damp squib.

Although this was a first and technically the mechanics worked, the general feeling is that Mercedes Benz and their agency AMV have let us down a little. At the end of each advert, viewers were asked to choose what should happen in the next advert, deciding whether the UK rapster Kano and his female accomplice should #evade or #hide, or to #switch or #lift. The highest number of activity or ‘votes’ would decide the getaways’ fates.

The concept all sounds quite good, exciting, perhaps not, but to give power to the viewer to decide on the outcome of a cinematic style car chase does cause the finger tips to twitch towards our blue bird of a friend.

Mercedes Benz is a premium car brand, and they clearly have enviable budgets to create such an advert and the first #youdrive advert that aired all looked quite promising. However, upon choosing the first outcome, #evade, everything went a little downhill.

Firstly, the following advert where the two hipsters in their shiny Mercedes appeared to #evade, but then also #hide confused many into thinking that Mercedes had tricked viewers in to filming only one advert that covered all bases.

Secondly, it was a pretty pathetic car chase. The promising videography and stylish car and it’s contents from the first advert made way for a dull and more than anything, slow sequel.

Thirdly, after once more asking viewers to vote again for the final part of the triology we were told that they had to wait until the next day for the outcome. We were hardly on the edge of our seats, even if Kano did his best to persuade otherwise.

In all, Mercedes Benz have shown it’s competitors and other brands will certainly attempt these stunts, that they can be done and activity and buzz can be created. Yet aside the fact that they advertised an advert in print before the commercial was even aired which at best is mildly annoying, Mercedes Benz seemed to forget what the advert was meant to achieve: excitement. The process and technology worked, but it’s content let us down. Others won’t make the same mistake.

When is a blog, a blog?

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