Jobseekers – clean up your online presence and use social media to market yourselves!

When it comes to recruitment, we all know just how important it is for businesses to market themselves correctly to ensure that they stand out against their competitors and attract the top talent. But what about the role of the … Continue reading

How to: 5 ways to use #hashtags as part of a social media strategy

I have to admit, I’ve never really taken the notion of “hashtagging” very seriously as part of my own social media usage.  You can mainly find me on Facebook or Instagram, ranting about things such as rush hour traffic in … Continue reading

Visual content’s on the rise so…Let’s Get Visual!

The amount of companies I see still posting paragraph-long statuses on social media is quite frankly ridiculous. In an age where we are fed information constantly through multiple channels…our eyes are drawn to whatever jumps out at us! Did you … Continue reading

Social Networks: Keeping it Relevant…

*sigh* The beginning of the week and another ‘Marmite Monday’ (get it? You either love it or hate it!). We all know that familiar feeling; waking up at OMG-o’clock in the morning to only realise that the milk’s almost finished … Continue reading

Mercedes Benz: #boring or #exciting ?

Can Mercedes Benz’ ‘ground breaking’ twitter commercial be viewed as a relative success? Asking viewers to decide the outcome of a ‘dramatic’ car chase advert over a weekend of prime time TV to some might be rather exciting. For others … Continue reading

Instagram, the youngest addition to social media

So, who’s added Instagram to their list of social media accounts? Since its birth in 2010 it has grown over the last two years to 80 million worldwide users. The best way to describe Instagram is it’s like Twitter with … Continue reading

Web design and digital marketing is not rocket science

Like most things your digital strategy doesn’t need to be rocket science to work well for you. With a little help from our friends at Google and Wikipedia, there’s not much we can’t do to a reasonable standard. One of … Continue reading