Digital Designer Needed…

Digital Designer
£25-£30k per annum
Permanent, Full-Time

Wave is a multi-award winning digital and marketing business who has worked with clients such as Bloomberg, British Gas and Cairn to create digital, print, outdoor and radio recruitment campaigns.

As part of our plans to further expand the company, we are currently looking to recruit for a design role within our Creative Studio.

The Role:

  • Liaising with internal and external parties
  • Ensure that the necessary brand guidelines are followed applied to design concepts
  • Assisting in the development and creation of marketing campaigns that achieve targets across different formats; both on and offline
  • Producing artwork for marketing materials and support on-going design projects
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality creative work that meets the needs of our vast clientele and high standards of our Creative Director
  • Managing several design based projects at any given time
  • Ensure that all work is completed on time, every time

The Candidate:

  • Confident verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, enthusiastic and organised with a positive attitude
  • Ability to form creative concept options based on briefs for marketing campaigns
  • Minimum of 2 years experience within an agency studio
  • Degree or HND level in Graphic/Digital Design related subject
  • Proven graphic design track record
  • Proven digital design track record
  • Comprehensive knowledge in Adobe CC programmes and strong HTML skills
  • Strong ability to work well within a team and independently
  • Sound typographic skills
  • A strong portfolio

Experience of managing PPC and SEO campaigns will be advantageous, but not essential. A basic understanding of PHP and related digital development practices will also be a benefit.

For more information about the above role, feel free to contact our Creative Director, Mike Tamlyn on 01189 868 900 or by email at

Social Networks: Keeping it Relevant…


The beginning of the week and another ‘Marmite Monday’ (get it? You either love it or hate it!).

We all know that familiar feeling; waking up at OMG-o’clock in the morning to only realise that the milk’s almost finished and that you’re running late…again! But it was whilst I was undergoing my daily trek into work and trying, but failing, to avoid the school run that I glanced to the bus advertisement beside me.

“Follow Reading Buses on Twitter”, it read, which got me thinking- are companies really making the most of using social media channels when it comes to marketing? Or are they just simply jumping on the digital band wagon and hoping it leads to Innovation Town, Cool-Ville?

Since the introduction of the “World Wide Web” in 1989 (thank you Sir Tim Berners-Lee!), modern day social media and networks have dominated the information superhighway. Although initially intended to be a way to stay in touch with family and friends, social media has evolved into so much more. Now, it is not only the heart of the digital social scene, but also a platform that allows companies to connect and engage with the global masses.

But are companies using social media to their advantage?

Well, honestly- for the most part, yes. Although there are 71% of businesses who are hesitant to use social media channels, there is still a significant amount of companies using it confidently and effectively. In fact, some companies even have a social media strategy guide to make sure that they’re…well, being social!  From ASOS’s constant offer ambush on ‘Twitter’, Tesco’s offering Clubcard points for consumer stories to Samsung’s cheeky viral videos about “you know who”. Big brands have taken to web 3.0 like the colour blue to social media logos (no really, have a look! Surely I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that blue seems to be a very popular colour in social media). So as well as using social networks to market to consumers, companies have also been able to push sales, increase traffic, drive down costs and gain an insight into their audience. All this from using the relevant social media platforms – brilliant!

Social_Keep it relevant_social media logos

Not forgetting, of course, the B2B benefits of delving into the realms of social networking when it comes to business-sy stuff like recruiting. In fact, 93% of companies use ‘LinkedIn’ to recruit potential candidates but beware; ‘LinkedIn’ is NOT a jobsite and perhaps using a job board along with other social media activity could help support an ad. Especially as 66% of recruiters are using ‘Facebook’ to recruit and 50% opting to advertise jobs via ‘Twitter’.

So, Reading Buses may have had the right idea in using something that is easy to communicate to their target audience. After all, they are likely to be on the phone playing ‘Candy Crush’ whilst waiting for the next bus to peer around the corner. But be warned- avoid purely putting all marketing and communication efforts into one social channel or just going for the latest social site. Keep it relevant to stay relevant – it couldn’t be more simple!

Meta Innovation Breaking Boundaries

Whilst going through my e-mails, sitting at my desk in the Wave Recruitment Marketing HQ, I came across a link from one of the guys in the digital department. Not being fully of digital sound mind, I was hesitant as to what technological expertise or lingo the link could lead to. Little did I know that this link, on a quiet Tuesday morning (quiet for me at least!), would lead me to another world…an augmented world to be precise.

Before you say anything, I know what you’re thinking and I agree. It’s not like augmented reality and virtual worlds haven’t been around for, like…ever! It’s basically seen in every spy flick, sci-fi epic and superhero film since (at least) the 80’s; but this was different. This is Meta 0.1 augmented reality.

OK, so let me explain what this actually is. If Google “Glass” is a step into the world of advanced smart technology then Meta 0.1 is a record breaking, award winning, massive Greg Rutherford leap! What Meron Gribetz and his savvy team have managed to create is an innovative operating system that allows the user to interact with virtual 3D objects. The super-goggles digitally overlay reality with a virtual world making way for simultaneous interaction in real time- cool right?!

Meta 0.1 has taken hands-free technology to another level! Gribetz imagination is so far in to the future that I reckon he’s probably had evening tea with Luke Skywalker and the gang. Well, perhaps something a bit cooler than tea, I mean after all, these glasses really have the WOW-factor. They could really change the way businesses engage with consumers and how society interacts with one another. Imagine the endless options this could also present to professionals within industries- medical, educational and perhaps the most exciting, marketing.

Think Skype minus the screen.

Despite my amazement, I must admit that aesthetically it’s no Megan Fox. But I’ve got to give the gadget props for the amount of technology and innovation crammed into that “little” thing. Maybe the 4th edition will see the glasses looking a little less Wall-E and a little more NEO from the matrix (*swoon*).

FaceBook too far...WALLe

At the moment, the glasses will feature standard 3D applications (like Chess and Minecraft) however, I’m confident that more applications will be available as this smart head gear further develops. Gribetz’s

long-term goal is for the glasses to be able to have full internet access and even perhaps replace tangible desktops and smart devices! So, enjoy the time you have with your current smart gadgets because a new generation of innovation is fast approaching.

Posted by: Leanne Grant

 Check out just what this technology can do (WARNING: Ultra cool video may make you want one!)

Has Facebook advertising gone a step too far?

Now, this is a story that has got my fingers typing straight away! According to a highly reliable source, Facebook are planning to launch a brand new video advertising service later this year. I know what you’re thinking, why would Facebook – the social media GIANTS- turn to featuring 15 second video clips on their users’ newsfeeds? Since becoming the mother of innovative social networking channels in 2006, I assumed that Facebook would keep their strong social offering with their users as oppose to becoming a commercialised platform for “targeted” marketing. But then again, maybe growth into digital marketing and video advertising is not such a crazy idea.

The carousel of three ads (give or take) will be displayed on users’ newsfeeds, giving Facebookers the option to select and watch desired videos. Bizarrely, at first the sound will be disabled but if the user is interested in the content of the ad, then they can restart the video with sound. Which, I guess, is a clever technique to strengthen brand awareness (as it’s being viewed twice) but could detract from the main reason you went on Facebook- to snoop on exes’ profiles, check out that embarrassing photo uploaded the night before and be…well, social.

This is a clear move towards Facebook joining the ranks of other big rollers in the digital and social media circuit. With internet being readily available anywhere and everywhere, social networks have been shifting towards making money through advertising. I guess it was a matter of time before Facebook logged in to the digital hub of video advertising and digital marketing. It’s just one more digital network taking away more advertising spend on traditional TV, which seems to have been a trend in advertising in recent years. The cost of the video advertising is yet to be confirmed; however, with a global reach of over 1 billion users on “The Book” (excuse the pun), my bet is that it will be quite pricey.

The real question here is will this advertising do more damage than good? Facebook is in a sticky situation, if you ask me, as this invasive advertising is likely to drive users away. After all, it is the users that make Facebook what it is and it will be the users that the advertisers will be interested in. It’s interesting to know that Facebookers already feel overhauled with Facebook ads as it is-so how will they feel with more ads being thrown at them?! From Standard Ads sitting on the right hand side to Page Post Ads situated within the newsfeed, not forgetting ads dedicated to mobile apps (oh, that’s right- it’s going to be featured on smartphones aswel!).

There’s no escape!

Facebook has tried to keep the ads “user friendly” (*sigh*) by creating sponsored stories which are created by Facebook users instead of advertisers.  For example, when a Facebook user interacts with something on a brand’s Facebook page (by liking the page, commenting on a post, accepting an event) a story will be created among the friends of the person who generated the story. But if you ask me- this is far from user friendly and hardly enjoyment compatible (I just can’t compute it!).

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that the digital age is among us- and it’s expanding! With digital becoming a more important part of everyday life, advertisers will need to take advantage of this to remain at the top of their game.  Facebook is a business at the end of the day and a successful one at that with a strong consumer profile. However, they need to remember what people use Facebook for… to stay in touch and share personal experiences with their friends and family. Mixing this alongside an overhaul of advertisements is likely to deter Facebook users from using the social networking site who may favour other social channels. It could also make users resilient or even hostile to the brands harassing them when users are looking to switch off from the world. I think that Facebook is abusing its position with its users’ personal data and information. Surely, this is likely to deter users and, in the long run, put off advertisers from using Facebook; affecting its global brand and equally, their profits/shares? After all, what is Facebook without its loyal faces?

Get involved in the discussion; let us know whether you think Facebook video adverts will be a fresh and innovative break from digital socialising, or an intrusion of your quiet time.

(Post by Sarah Taylor-Rozyk and Leanne Grant)

Stylish Shutters Choose Our Internet Marketing Services!

Wave Digital welcome Stylish Shutters!

Latest internet marketing client Stylish Shutters specialise in the supply and installation of plantation shutters, and by signing up with Wave Digital we’re going to make sure that everyone can find their fantastic range of high quality, stunning plantation shutters which can transform the look of any room.

With a 3 year guarantee on every shutter they offer and honest, practical advice on what would suit you and your home best, Stylish Shutters are specialists on all aspects of shutters – and with competitive prices across their entire range you’d be hard pushed to find a better supplier!

Transform Your Home with Window Shutters

Window shutters make a fantastic dressing for any window and complement both traditional and contemporary homes. Giving you full control over the amount of light in your home, shutters are perfect for those that want to tailor light levels to their specific needs. Additionally, window shutters are ideal for offering privacy and are perfect not just for the home but office and work environments too.

While Stylish Shutters are experts in window shutters, Wave Digital are experts in online marketing! Offering a range of internet marketing services to get our clients to the top and keep them there, we are the number one choice for internet marketing services across the country, with a long list of happy clients who have seen an increase in leads, sales and profits as a result of our hard work.

Tried and Tested Internet Marketing Services!

The internet marketing services from Wave Digital have been tried and tested, with a proven track record for success. Our clever team will be working hard to deliver the same results for Stylish Shutters, making sure anyone looking for window shutters find their services before any other company.

If you would like to know more about how our internet marketing services can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Wave Digital, Web Designer Reading

10 Reasons to get on board Google+

Although there have been many rumours that Google+ is dead, the 250 million users and 150 million active have a different opinion. That and the fact that Google+ adds more than 10 million new users a month.

  1. It’s the ongoing task of SEO experts to keep up with the ever changing algorithms of Google search but one thing is for sure is Google favors it’s own. So the more +’s you have the more Google will favor you in search results.
  2. There is less competition for brands on Google+. Although Google+ had the fastest growth of it’s kind on its launch, many of these early adopters are now missing in action. What this means for your brand is those remaining are serious Plussers who are looking for savvy companies with a page built for Google+ engagement.
  3. Google already has a proven money making business model, unlike Facebook who are always trying to create new monetization paths.
  4. Google+ communities are for brands seeking business audiences and in comparison to Facebook’s groups, Google+ have raised the bar high.
  5. Google+ is only the tip of the iceberg for companies abilities to engage with innovative tools, file sharing, storage, calendars, free email, hang outs and a whole lot more.
  6. Unlike Facebook where we all meet to catch up and stalk friends and ex’s. Google + is for business people looking to interact and share solid content.
  7. Google+ is high energy place all day with real human activity all day long and not just forwards, shares and retweets.
  8. Communities are now available for companies allowing you to build further loyalty and value to a brand.
  9. When you play in the Google+ world you are playing with some of the internets most social influencers and they are far easier to approach than on Facebook or Twitter.
  10. Google+ has had it’s honeymoon and still growing strong with 10 million new users a month. So now is the time to get on before you miss the boat.

Google Boat

Digital Account Executive needed!

Digital Account Executive

£18k – £20k based on experience

Wave Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency in Reading. We’re a friendly bunch with a whole host of lovely clients that we do all sorts of great work for and now we’re on the lookout for an Account Executive.

We’re in Reading, near enough to the Oracle for shopping exploits but not too close to develop bad habits! Once you find us, inside you’ll find a friendly and hard working bunch. We go out every now and then with some of the Wave nights out going down in folklore. All round, we have a good buzz and ambitious plans for the future. We’ve been busy, but we’re hungry for more so we need a Digital Account Executive that will live and breathe digital marketing.

As a Digital Account Executive, you’ll be managing wide ranging projects from basic websites through to complex digital solutions. This is a client facing role, so you’ll need the usual blend of communication, negotiation and organisation skills to keep things on track. You should already be working in a similar role, so you’ll know the score. It’ll be tough and hard work because we want the best, but that’s okay, you’ll accept nothing less either.

This is a great opportunity to work with some lovely clients, get involved in everything web related and be given the freedom to exploit the potential that digital technologies bring.

If you’d like to find out more about us or have a chat about the role and what we’re looking for, then please email your details to, or call him on 01189 868 900.






The Soc Nav – Waze and the navigation community!

About 10 years ago I was first introduced to a Sat Nav. I was going away for the weekend with a friend and her Uncle had this state of the art piece of equipment in the car. I was blown away, when we moved, the map moved. It was amazing and told us which way to go. It even said how long it would take us to get there. Until there was a road closed and the Sat Nav no longer knew the way and calmly told us to “turn around when possible”. Twice. We drove around in a comedy circle twice before we realised there was a problem. We turned it off and got a map out. It started to rain. It was a rubbish trip all round. That was when it cost hundreds to buy a Sat Nav.

We’ve all heard the horror stories, idiots obeying their Sat Nav religiously and ending up 2 days later 400 miles away from the intended destination. Some wonder if people actually have their own brains. Sat Nav’s certainly have their flaws and their fair share of bad press; I had become increasingly unimpressed by their ability and always used with added caution.

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One Direction?

Unlike Harry Styles, as a Creative Director I’ve got to be prepared to go in all directions, and more often or not, the ‘Law of Sod’ will dictate that it’ll be all at once. After all it’s the only way to find the best routes for your clients’ creative campaigns.
Let’s face it, Rethink Mental Health are not going to want the same approach as Volvo Trucks, and they won’t want the same as Centrica Energy. They are very different companies, with a vastly different audience. Yes my job would be a piece of ‘sugar-based baked goods’ if they did want the same approach but if Motorhead’s Lemmy attracted the same audience as Harry, the world would be a very boring place indeed.
Talking of going in all directions, I’ll be most surprised if I don’t end up talking about something completely different by the end of this post, so be warned. Now where was I? Oh yes…..Harry.
However, Mr Styles and I do have a few things in common ( apart from being dashing that is ), to prove our talent and get the contract we’ve both been through the mill a few times.
With all the build up, the excitement, the occasional nerves and adrenalin cascading through my body as I take to the stage, the pitch is my X Factor. Then there’s the judges. The Media Directors of Britain are my Simon Cowell, There’s no telephone vote, it’s make or break there and then.
Your mind races. Did I do enough? Did I scare them? Do they think I’ve completely lost the plot or do they realise that to stand out you occasionally need to catch people with a custard pie? Did they like me enough to trust me with their business? Did I go too far in creating a Norwegian Polymetallic rock band called “Hammer Panther’ to engage with Geophysicists?
As you can tell, even though I’m more than confident with my abilities, I’m kept from turning into an arrogant ” Mad Men” fool by the great leveller that is doubt. It’s true, doubt can ruin creativity. It can prevent a client seeing your best and most out-there ideas. It can prevent you from jumping in the cannon and firing yourself to the far end of the creative rainbow. But, when channeled correctly, doubt can encourage you to revisit an average idea and turn it into something truly wonderful, even if this does tend to happen at 3 in the morning after a few glasses of Shiraz.
So, Cowell liked Hammer Panther, now what happens? It’s time to rock and roll and engage the audience.
A year or so back, I used heavily branded inflatable guitars to engage with 50,000 drunken revellers at the V Festival, yes most of them just clouted each other across the heads with them, spilling their beer everywhere, but as predicted, a few thousand got in front of the BBC cameras that were covering the event and spread the message to over 10 million viewers across the 3 days, who in turn hit the website hard.
This year I put together an integrated creative campaign that attracted over 124,000 online applications for a part time job.
So what’s my point here? My point is that you’d never find me or anyone in their right mind moshing at a One Direction gig. It’s horses for courses. One Direction know their audience and they engage with them perfectly. It’s my job to know our clients’ audiences and do the same. Although I’ve yet to pack as many of them in the back of my Vegas limo and take them back to the hotel for further research. Hey Mr Styles!!!

Responsive Web Design. What’s all about it?

When you consider how many different tablets, laptops, Web browsers, and operating systems access the Internet on a day-to-day basis, it’s a small miracle that Web designers and developers manage to stay sane. There are, of course, Web standards and entire organizations that exist for the sole purpose of making sure the Internet you see is generally the same Internet that everyone else sees. But the sheer number of devices can pose a bit of a problem when you’re attempting to create a site or service that works well for the masses. Continue reading